Mini Pro-Airless Mini Football (Size 1)

Mini Pro-Airless Mini Football (Size 1)

Going Pro? This Premium Airless Mini Football is a revolution in football design technology and is always ready to roll. With its official weight & size, its perfect for young athletes to build their skills; indoors, outdoors or on their travels with no pump required. Made with only the finest materials, it has a TPU cover and laminated construction with a foam core for durability and consistent play.

  • Material Specs

    All Airless Mini Footballs proudly bear the CE symbol showing that these fully meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements.

    • 32 individual laminated panels (100% TPU film cover);
    • A high-quality Polyurethane foam core ensures a consistent weight (170g – 175g) and the perfect bounce;
    • Unique design available in two striking colours (Gold and Red)
    • Does not lose its shape or require inflation!
  • Dimensions

    Size 1/ Mini 14cm x 14cm x 14cm 175 Grams

    Official Weight & Size

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